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Aluminum Laser Welding Wire Production Line With Adjustable Laser Head Easy Operation

Aluminum Laser Welding Wire Production Line With Adjustable Laser Head Easy Operation

    • Aluminum Laser Welding Wire Production Line With Adjustable Laser Head Easy Operation
    • Aluminum Laser Welding Wire Production Line With Adjustable Laser Head Easy Operation
  • Aluminum Laser Welding Wire Production Line With Adjustable Laser Head Easy Operation

    उत्पाद विवरण:

    Place of Origin: JIANGSU CHINA
    ब्रांड नाम: Welding wire production equipment
    प्रमाणन: ISO9001

    भुगतान & नौवहन नियमों:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1500T/Y CO2 welding wire
    मूल्य: Negotiated
    Packaging Details: plastic bag
    Delivery Time: 60days after receiving order and deposit
    Payment Terms: T/T 30% deposit,70% rest payment before shipment
    Supply Ability: 2000pcs/month
    अब से संपर्क करें
    विस्तृत उत्पाद विवरण
    Power consumed: ≤9KW length: ≧120M
    width: ≧20M power: 600KW
    materials: Ø5.5MM diameter: Ø0.8、Ø1.0、Ø1.2、Ø1.6MM
    weight: 15/25Kg Positioning: Microscope


    Easy Operation 400w Portable Aluminum Laser Welding Wire Machine



    Machine features:

    1. Ceramic converging cavity is imported from the Britain.It is corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant ,and has 8-10 years service life.

    2. High production efficiency and high welding speed,realizing automatic mass production on the production line 3.

    The laser head can be adjusted for 360 degree

    4. The sizxe of the light spots can be adjusted

    5. The work bench can be moved in two dimensions





    Laser wavelength 1064nm
    Rated output power 200W 300W 400W
    Adjusting range of light spot 0.1-3.0mm
    Pulse width ≤20ms
    Pulse frequency ≤50Hz
    Sighting positioning precision RED light,CCD monitor system(optional)
    NC system of the work bench PC
    Work bench stroke 200×200mm to 1200×1200mm
    Positioning precision 0.02mm
    Repeating positioning precision ±0.01mm
    Work bench bearing 50KG
    Power supply 380V/3-phase/50Hz/40A 380V/3-phase/50Hz/60A 380V/3-phase/50Hz/60A
    Integrity power 9KW 12KW 14KW
    Cooking method Water cooliing
    Master unit dimensions(L*W*H) 1600mm×800mm×1500mm




    The production process:

    №1 Pretreatment, rough production line

    Steel wire pretreatment(including:Pay-off stand + Disorderly parking+New type(water clean)+ Electrolytic pickling + boron coating + High frequency drying + LZ6/560 straight-line wire drawing machine + SG800 I-spool take-up machine or none stop take-up machine

    №2 Fine drawing production line

    FX800 I-spool(or rotary ) wire pay-off machine + LZ8/400(or LZ7/400)Straight line wire drawing machine + Tension stand + Wash tank + SG630I-spool wire take-up machine


    №3 Chemical copper plating production line

    №4 Layer and packing production line

    SG630 spool pay-off machine (active type) + middle + layer winding machine

    №5 S4525 heat shrinkable packaging machine for packaging, warehousing





    production equipment parameter


    1. Wire material surface pre-treatment

    1.1 high shelf pay-off:Put a wire rod, without motor

    1.2 Scribble and automatic stop switch: wire out

    of the pay-off machine through the steel ring with

    a diameter of 200 mm, if a few circle wire

    entwined, steel ring that was taken to the other

    side, t the bottom of the stroke switch will send

    signals, and the entire line emergency stop.

    1.3 Repeated bending mechanical shell and

    wire ball strong scrubbing device: the wire rod

    at least six direction perpendicular(National

    initiative)Bending heat treatment to strip iron

    oxide on the surface of the wire.

    Eight peeling wheel, material: ZG45 steel, hardness of HRC50, Wheel

    inner diameter Ф 115 --- Ф 120mm.

    Wheel service life of 6000 hours. After

    peeling ,the wire through period of tapered hole, use wire clean ball strongly wipe the

    surface of wire rod, and does not damage

    the wire surface, reduce the waste into the electrolytic pickling tank, ensure the

    effect of pickling, facilitate drawing; By pressure cold water irrigation and block and

    impurities, rust on the surface of the wire rod export high-pressure gas blowing

    device, reduce by wire out of the water.



    Aluminum Laser Welding Wire Production Line With Adjustable Laser Head Easy Operation

    Aluminum Laser Welding Wire Production Line With Adjustable Laser Head Easy Operation



    2.4 Electrolytic pickling device


    using electrolytic pickling process to remove the residual oxide sheet, rust ,etc., and then wash, dry to make sure the wire material surface clean before boron coating process. PP tank body(thick 16mm), 10.5m in length, upper and lower bath structure, put positive and negative electrode plate(thick 10mm)which is separate and rectifier cabinet 0~1000A,0~12V on the upper bath; with acid circulation pump and two acid mist ventilation mouth to facilitate exclusion of acid mist.( Every ten with one set of acid mist device



    2.5 Boron coating deviceWorking without steam leak, liner with 3 mm 304 stainless steel plate production, outer layer 40 mm cotton, save energy. Steam or electric heating distribution, convenient use, thermocouple automatic temperature control, export blowing nozzle, adjust the volume of borax, liquid fluctuation of circulating pump, stainless steel materials for corrosion resistance



    2.6 Super audio drying device

    equipped with 30 kw power, use10 kw power, save electricity by more than 40%, with 20 cm long tubular heating induction heating coil, workers operating just need to put wire through the 20 cm hollow tube, simple operation, low maintenance cost, coating boron steel wire after don't need any bending, low temperature directly into the wire drawing machine, high efficiency, super audio device is equipped with automatic temperature control device, artificial can trace adjust temperature and drying at the same time and the wire drawing machine electric control rules of PLC program controller, and wire drawing machine synchronous operation, high degree of automation, the highest temperature can reach 150 ℃, wire drying effect is good, small occupation area



    2.7 Pretreatment operationSupplier supplies a vortex air pump for blowing air

    ① Water pressure:≥0.2MP;water consumption10m3/h

    ② Air comoression:≥0.6MP;Gas consumption 20m3/h




    We recommend:


    the auxiliary equipment::acid mist treatment

    In pretreatment and copper plating production line has the electrolytic pickling, work will produce large amounts of acid mist, if not, there will be a strong irritating, harmful to human body, affect the work of workers, so it is recommended to use this equipment, users can buy in each country, can also be purchased from us, acid mist processing of 5000 tons of wire tower need to usd 11500

    2  LZ6/500 Straight line wire drawing machine

    2.2 Equipment Composition:

    2.21 LZ6/560 Straight line wire drawing machine

    2.22 800mmI-spool wire take-up machine

    2.23 Man-machine interface control touch screen

    2.24 Whole set electrical control cabinet

    2.3 Main technical parameter and points::

    (1) Inlet strength: ≦600 MPa

    (2) Max inlet dia: Ф5.5mm

    (3) Min wire outlet dia: Ф2.35mm

    (4) Max compression rate:87%

    (5) Max drawing speed:12m/s Normal drawing speed:9m/s ~~ 10m/s

    (6) Water consumption and pressure:5m3/h water pressure≥0.25MPa

    (7) Air consumption and pressure:1.0m3/h air pressure≥0.6MPa

    (8) Motor:①Main motor:22KW*6 AC motor

    ② Wire take-up machine:15KW AC motor

    (9) Drawing drum: Drum diameter Ф560mm,material:ZG45 steel,spray

    tungsten carbide hard alloy powder on the working surface, thickness 1mm,height:60mm , Drum as a direct contact with the steel wire core components, its manufacturing technology also be especially fastidious. My company reel overall beautiful

    sex and rigidity is higher; After tempering treatment after rough machining, in order

    to improve the overall and mechanical properties of the drum; Drum face by

    surfacing welding wear-resisting carbide processing, and then after grinding machinegrinding refined but become, within the drum surface processing has spiral u-shapeslot. Its cooling principle is through the drum and the relative rotary motion of the water jacket cooling water jacket of the lateral oblique rib to squeeze into the top, the inside of the drum helical will finish heat exchange cooling water down the u-

    shaped groove to make it fast, within the drum surface processing with the

    application of the spiral u-shaped slot technology, not only make the squeezing

    effect of cooling water, and increased the reel internal heat exchange area, practiceproves that the application of this structure, drum heat exchange efficiency more than 30%, thus greatly improve the drum water cooling effect; Another drum wall caneffectively prevent the scale deposit on the inner wall of the drum, further to

    ensure the water cooling effect, and improve the service life of the drum.to ensure the quality of steel wire drawing. Drum surface finish Ra0.4 or higher, the surface hardness of about HRC60°, drum set satisfies the requirement of high-speed

    drawing wire line height. Wear and tear up the slot free replacement within 5000h

    (10) Rotational Die Box: ①Die rotation, when wire drawing,the die life

    increased by 15%, and steel wire surface lubrication powder evenly, drawing speed

    increased by 10%.

    ② Die box can be universal adjustment to ensure that the Angle of the steel wire drawing

    which provides the high quality wire.

    (11) Tuning roller:①Using Pneumatic anti-tension tuning , the tension is adjustable; guide pulley are sprayed with WC, useful life is more than two years. Sensor adopt angular displacement non-contact way, schneider sensor imported from Germany, make the process of template matching wider, mould can be automatically compensated after wear and tear, and it is difficult to break line.

    ② Using single control device which is originated in domestic, make sure that the swing when tuning roller is runing is not related to the direction of mould entering wire, wire entering angle is constant: 〈1〉make sure useful life of mould prolong more than 20%〈2〉make sure stable roundness when drawing;〈3〉make sure fine stable linearity when drawing

    (12) Frame form:Wire drawing machine designed to form solid welding enclosure, the frame structure of the whole production process in strict accordance with the G level standard cold plate structure, ensure the machine of mesa verticality, smoothness and elevation of rigidity is very good, do not need special fixed; All rolls are installed, just face to beat no greater than 0.25 mm, using tuning roller tension

    arm, between the two drum with sensors the match between two drum speed adjustment.

    (13) Driving form:

    ① First, second block adopted Machine of decelerate of hard tooth surface gear transmission, 20CrMnTi gear material, surface hardness HRC62 °, surface finish Ra0.8, reducer adopts the reflux circulation lubrication of bearing, and design the lack of warning and automatic stop function. Configuration reducer can make customer drawing a little higher tensile strength of low carbon steel wire, the rest for two-stage transmission adopts powerful v-shaped moving belt.

    ② Each block with electromagnetic valve control efficient pneumatic brakes, brake force can be adjusted, ensure that emergency parking constantly silk wire drawing machine.

    (14) Cooling system: ①the front panel of machine has ball valve to adjust water volume of reel cooling and mould cooling, and has pointer to consider water volume

    ② The whole cooling system make sure the temperature of reel surface≤60°C when the equipment running normally , not scald hand when touching

    (15) Pneumatic system

    ①pneumatic spare parts: Taiwan AIRTIC pneumatic components products

    ②pneumatic system( incl . instrument, pipe line, electromagnetic valve, etc.)doesn’t leak

    (16)Wire drawing machine bearing: adopt NSK bearings made in Japan.

    (17) Control System:

    ① Configuration

    a frequency conversion :DARIN inverter made in China

    b PLC: imported from Japan mitsubishi series PLC

    c Sensor: French schneider imported photoelectric sensors

    d Relay and other low voltage electrical: imported French schneider

    e PanelvisaTouch screen: colour touch screen made in Taiwan

    f Into the line open, copper platoon, control of the specifications of the power supply, wires, choose reasonable

    g, Cabinet put oneself in another's position: the standard of professional

    manufacturer production cabinet put oneself in another's position.

    ② working way: straight line wire drawing machine control system adopt ac frequency conversion control, PLC logic control, full digital control, adopt imported high grade components, strong anti-interference ability, fast operation, is not only stable and reliable in operation, low energy consumption, and greatly improves the production efficiency, but also has multiple protection function, when shield equipment high speed open or have other fault occurs, the automatic stop device. After each machine is equipped with the points, the former linkage, linkage, the function such as start, stop, stop, work station of the main display, man-machine interface with the length of the preset speed preset display, fault query, equipment status, computer mold fitting, etc. the system generally using PLC programe control, frequency converter, touch screen to finish data exchange through communication, PLC can control reading, writing, turning on, turning off of frequency converter freely. PLC software can ensure programming and setting up automatic to the different drawing process, and it also can ensure operate smoothly; color screen man-machine interface can monitor the running conditions of equipment and fault display at anytime. Each process parameter can be set by the touch screen input. high precision, better accuracy, easy amendment, and can assure drawing process wider, realize jumping mould drawing easily. The whole system runs smoothly, low fault ratio, easy operation.



    Technology parameters

    Overall dimensions (L*W*H) 4500*840*1720(mm)

    Max packing dimension (W*H) 270*100(mm)

    Packing Speed 10-13 sets/min

    Max sealing length 200mm

    Conveyor horizontal hight 800+30(mm)

    Working pressure about 0.5Mpa

    Power source 50Hz/AC380Vthree phase five wire

    Power(Max) about 15kW

    सम्पर्क करने का विवरण
    Jiangyin Yifa Metal Science & Technology Co., Ltd

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