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2 Wheel Barrow Wire Mesh Manufacturing Machine , Industrial Wire Processing Equipment

2 Wheel Barrow Wire Mesh Manufacturing Machine , Industrial Wire Processing Equipment

    • 2 Wheel Barrow Wire Mesh Manufacturing Machine , Industrial Wire Processing Equipment
    • 2 Wheel Barrow Wire Mesh Manufacturing Machine , Industrial Wire Processing Equipment
  • 2 Wheel Barrow Wire Mesh Manufacturing Machine , Industrial Wire Processing Equipment

    उत्पाद विवरण:

    Place of Origin: JIANGSU CHINA
    ब्रांड नाम: Welding wire production equipment
    प्रमाणन: ISO9001

    भुगतान & नौवहन नियमों:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1500T/Y CO2 welding wire
    मूल्य: Negotiated
    Packaging Details: plastic bag
    Delivery Time: 60days after receiving order and deposit
    Payment Terms: T/T 30% deposit,70% rest payment before shipment
    Supply Ability: 2000pcs/month
    अब से संपर्क करें
    विस्तृत उत्पाद विवरण
    welding depth: 0.1-1.2mm Welding frequency: 0.5-40Hz
    Aperture: 1/2''-4'' power: 600KW
    materials: Ø5.5MM diameter: Ø0.8、Ø1.0、Ø1.2、Ø1.6MM
    weight: 15/25Kg Electrical source: 220V±10%/50Hz/40A


    220v 600kw rolling welded wire mesh machine , ISO9001 Welding Wire machine



    №2 Ф500mm Trunk-type Unloading Machine

    The speed mach with Wire drawing machine.Single layer take-up,The surface of drum plat WC.Dia of drum is 560mm, take-up plate is 500kg, The machine have:2 take-up plate,2 wheel Barrow.Motor : 15KW


    Details :

    • This machine uses doublelamp ceramic reflecting cavity imported from the Britain,featuring high power,Programmable pulse and intelligent system management.
    • The Zaxis of the work bench can move upwards and downwards to focus and is controlled by industrial PC.
    • Standard separate X/Y 2D automatic moving work bench is configured.Rotary clamp(?0mm or 125mm)is also optional. The monitor system uses microscope,red light and CCD .External cooling system is also equipped.





    Suitable for welding of kettle,vacuum cup,stanless steel bowl,sensor,tungsten wire,high power diode(triode),aluminum alloy,laptop sheel,mobile phone battery,door handle,mould,electric apparatus fittings,filter,nozzle,

    stainless steel products,golf head,zinc alloy artworks weld point,straight line,circle,square or any plane graphs drawn by AUTOCAD.






    production equipment parameter


    1. Wire material surface pre-treatment

    1.1 high shelf pay-off:Put a wire rod, without motor

    1.2 Scribble and automatic stop switch: wire out

    of the pay-off machine through the steel ring with

    a diameter of 200 mm, if a few circle wire

    entwined, steel ring that was taken to the other

    side, t the bottom of the stroke switch will send

    signals, and the entire line emergency stop.

    1.3 Repeated bending mechanical shell and

    wire ball strong scrubbing device: the wire rod

    at least six direction perpendicular(National

    initiative)Bending heat treatment to strip iron

    oxide on the surface of the wire.



    Eight peeling wheel,

    material: ZG45 steel, hardness of HRC50, Wheel

    inner diameter Ф 115 --- Ф 120mm.

    Wheel service life of 6000 hours. After

    peeling ,the wire through period of tapered hole, use wire clean ball strongly wipe the

    surface of wire rod, and does not damage

    the wire surface, reduce the waste into the electrolytic pickling tank, ensure the

    effect of pickling, facilitate drawing; By pressure cold water irrigation and block and

    impurities, rust on the surface of the wire rod export high-pressure gas blowing

    device, reduce by wire out of the water.



    production line technology parameters

    No. Name Parameter
    1 number of wire 10 lines
    2 Designing production speed 3~6 M/S
    3 I-Spool φ630mm(diameter)×475mm(Widths)
    4 Tractor roller diameter φ300mm




    Equipment points:

    (1) φ630mm pay off machine:pneumatic top.Supplier supplies φ630mm I-spool

    drawing,confirmed by two sideφ630mm.Pay-off machine can ensure 6m/s speed

    (2) Every line sets elevated adjusted mechanical damping,constant tension wire pay

    offguide stand.Self-adaption traction and

    wire take-up speed,achieve constant

    tension pay-off

    (3) Set wire take up,pay off stand total

    6 sets,prevent long span wire pay off

    droop excessive

    (4) hot scrubbing tank: 3 m long, steel structure groove,.steel wool ,hot water mixed wipe the dirt on steel surface . Pipeline pump 1 set, 1 set of gas blowing. Steam heating, automatic heating temperature ≥80 ℃

    (5) Electrolysis alkaline bath:2 sets tanks22m(11m×2).Adopt rectificate power12V×1500A,2sets.Cell body choose high quality steel plate.Alkali liquor uses steam heating,single cell body equips 2 sets heating tube,uniform heating.Single cell body equips heat-resisting axial flow double pump to lift alkali liquor,it is reliability.Alkali wash one tank sets 1 set air-blowing device,alkali wash two tank sets 2 stets air-blowing device

    (6) Hot wash tank after alkali wash:Length is 4m,inside groove is made of

    04 stainless steel ,outside welding with steel plate,thermal insulation material

    Inside.steam heating,cleaning effect is good.Set 1 set air-blowing device,water

    flusher device 1 set,axial flow pump 1 set.

    (7) Electrolysis pickling bath:length is 11m.PP plastic tank,cell body choose

    high quality PP plate.Adopts rectificate power 12V×1500A,1 set.Acid proof axial

    double pump ,reliability is high,set air-blow device 1 set.

    (8) Wash activated bath:length is 6m,(include activation 5m,water cleaning

    tank 1m).PP plastic groove,cell body choose high quality PP plate.Acid proof axial flow

    pump 1 set,air folw device 2 sets(activation and water cleaning each set),water flusher

    device 1 set.

    (9) Chemical plating tank:length is 11m,PP plastic groove,ell body choose high

    quality PP plate.Below groove has stainless steel steam heat changer,control plating

    solution temperature automatically(rated operation temperature20~30℃).Below

    groove volume 4m3. Set non-contact prevent gagging air blow device and air blow

    device each set,with acidproof axial compressor pump,high reliability

    (10) Wash neutralize tank after coating:Lengthy 7m,divide into:①Cleaning

    wash tank(2m))②Neutralize wash(3m)③Cleaning wash twice(2m) tripartite.PP plastic

    tank,cell body adopts high quality PP plate.Part of neutralize wash with axial flow lift

    pump 1set,air blow device 2 set(neutralize whiff,cleaning wash twice air blow)

    (11) Hot wash tank:Cell body is made of 304 stainless steel ,4 m long, stainless

    Steel tub and heat-resistant stainless steel corrosion resistant axial flow pump, steel

    Support. Blowing device shall have a heat-resistant axial-flow pump sets, 3 sets of

    Boiler Heating mode, control the heating temperature of 80 ~ 90 ℃.

    (12) Dryer:10 meters in length, using electric heating tube heating or steam

    heating, heat dissipation area of 80 m2, thermal cycling wind, a thermal insulation

    layer, and control the heating temperature of 110 ~ 120 ℃.

    (13) Inlet and outlet branching guide rack each 1 set,(total 2 sets),equip preventing

    welding wire fall off device.Guide wheel outer diameter φ230mm.

    (14) Each line sets bogie device 1 set,guide wheel outer diameter φ230mm

    (15) Traction machine:welding wire roller dia φ300mm,hard alloy spraying roller

    HRC≥60°comminution polishing,usage life 2 years,if groovingduring 2 years,replace

    free.Set oil coiling die box which is horizontal tilt .Oil lubrication ,polycrystalline dies.



    (16) take-up machine adopts pneumatic spool wheel, and a loss of pressure protection device, GP40 light bar wind displacement, frame type structure stiffness is good.

    (17) Tank some other solutions:

    The tub clapboard set U ceramic card, composite plate.

    Alkali and acid tank of Yin and Yang plate alternate Settings, set up

    electrolytic power supply, cleaning ability, energy saving.

    Plastic tub motherboard is using the delta 16 mm high quality PP

    modified plate firmly welded together.

    Copper plating production line are all made of large capacity, low head axial-flow pump improve alkali, acid, hot water, recycling acid liquid such as water.

    Copper plating production line of the convulsions system: the main exhaust pipe diameter 315 mm, convulsions, smooth, balanced, plating line waste steam after acid mist treatment device, the exhaust gas to clean emissions, environmental protection production.



    Special point:

    1 use seal, integration of the whole machine design, introduction of foreign top technology, more advanced than similar products in the country. With high efficiency and low energy consumption, stable and reliable operation, simple operation and other characteristics. 2, can meet the needs of different specifications of the shape of a single product, or a combination of size matching diversified package 3, a power shake out device, to ensure that the packaging is not damaged 4, a special thermal insulation structure. Can not only play the role of the best energy-saving, and ensure operator safety, application of the equipment in welding consumables industry, with moisture, rust, prolong welding material storage features 6, adapt to PE, PVC, and other various heat shrinkable packaging materials.


    सम्पर्क करने का विवरण
    Jiangyin Yifa Metal Science & Technology Co., Ltd

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    उच्च आउटपुट एमएस वायर ड्राइंग मशीन ZG45 स्टील ड्राइंग ड्रम पावर सेविंग के साथ

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    High Speed Wire Mesh Making Machine , Fully Automatic Wire Manufacturing Equipment

    Multi Purpose Wire Rewinding Machine For Flux Cored Welding Wire / Solid Welding Wire

    Flux Cored Welding Wire Machine Automatic Production Line PLC Control

    High Stability Solid Automatic Welding Wire Machine 380 / 220V Power

    हाई स्पीड वायर ड्राइंग मशीन

    0.5 मिमी -1.2 मिमी स्टील वायर ड्राइंग उपकरण, उच्च गति ठीक वायर ड्राइंग मशीन के लिए केबल

    Bright Wire High Speed Wire Drawing Machine 122KW * 10 AC Motor 1.5 ~ 40 Ton

    Ø3mm - Ø-1.5 मिमी उज्ज्वल स्टील वायर ड्राइंग मशीन, एसिड - नि: शुल्क ग्रीन वायर खींचने की मशीन

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